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About The Business Frontal

Our goal at the is to encourage our readers to learn from present and past entrepreneurial successes and pursue a commonsense approach to business success.

The Business Frontal is a business and entrepreneurship website that provides insights and information on the core principles of business success in research and call-to-action articles. The magazine also reports on unbiased business and technology news.

All articles and editorials focus on the following topics: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology, Startups, Corporate, Finance, Investments and Health & Fitness.

The online magazine also showcases innovative businesses, institutions, products and services. In doing this, we connect entrepreneurs and business leaders with prospective clients through the volume of useful information that is shared.

We approach our mission with a single focus to help you or your company prove success through administering relevant business knowledge.

Our goal at the is to encourage our readers to learn from present and past entrepreneurial successes and pursue a commonsense approach to business success.

Our articles are useful to shape the business views of our readers. The business ideas exposed in our publications and their relevance help you grow your niche successfully and enjoy professional fulfillment.

Our motto is: “Sharing Global Entrepreneurship and Business Ideas for Economic Development”. We commit this maxim as we strive to publish business facts, the best views from thought leaders and experts in the business industry, the technology world, and trending activities in the global marketplace.

The Business Frontal is owned and operated by the ASHALLEY COMMUNICATIONS GROUP (ACG), a media company that owns and operates several online platforms including Enoch Nii-Ashalley Antwi is the founder of the Ashalley Communications Group and chief executive officer at ACG.

Enoch Antwi is also the founder and the managing editor at The Business Frontal. He worked as a business and an environmental journalist in the late 1990s with the Business and Financial Times in Ghana. At Business and Financial Times, he introduced a column dubbed “Wealth of a Nation”.

In these publications, he championed business prosperity by analyzing the effective use of contemporary technology to expand the human resources and natural resources in business operations worldwide — but earnestly advocated for environmental responsibility.

In December 2013, he embarked on this online publication. The insightful business ideas from innovative business leaders, the evolution of products and services by forefront technology and their importance to society inspired him to this task.

The Business Frontal launched with a passion to provide on-demand valuable information and insights on business, entrepreneurship, leadership, innovative technologies, the environment and principles for corporate success in today’s business world.

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