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Business Quotes

Business Quotes

When you are losing focus on your purpose and direction for your goals, then you know it is time to harness the power of positive business quotes for inspiration, motivation, and success.

The business executive protects his business assets. Though your workforce is not a fixed asset, protecting it will enhance your business operations.

Protect Your Assets

06.25.2022 | Nii Ashalley

When you lose focus on purpose and direction on goals, it is time to use the power of quotes for inspiration, motivation, and success.

Power of Positive Quotes

02.01.2015 | Nii Ashalley

Our understanding of excellence in innovation should always be based on dedication to progress, safety, then productivity.

Excellence in Innovation

02.17.2015 | Nii Ashalley

To become a business giant, you must involve all stakeholders and manage relevant skills.

Evolve by Involving

07.04.2015 | Nii Ashalley

There are two important things in life and running a business; time and effort spent wisely lead to fulfillment and significant accomplishment.

Time and Effort

10.21.2016 | Nii Ashalley

Having a dynamic business foresight and plan is a responsibility for all entrepreneurs, as innovations and smart technology seem to direct consumer behavior and the pockets of millennials.

Dynamic Business Foresight

04.13.2020 | Nii Ashalley

The innovator brings hope to society. First, by overcoming the challenges that come with the calling and second, by finding solutions to the problems that humanity creates.

Innovator Brings Hope

03.26.2016 | Nii Ashalley

The clock ticks to put time in perspective, and for any business to succeed, we must give reverence to the first tick.

Time Value

10.21.2016 | Nii Ashalley

A leader that includes everyone when making business decisions gains consensus, which propels the mission of an enterprise.

Building Consensus

10.22.2016 | Nii Ashalley

When we avoid risk, we lose business opportunities, but entertaining unnecessary risk is an irresponsible business attitude.

Risk Opportunities

11.01.2016 | Nii Ashalley

The condor of a state leader is not the same as the wittiness of a business executive. It is, therefore, necessary for the hybrid of both worlds to develop all necessary skills.

Business and Statesmanship

10.25.2016 | Nii Ashalley

Our expectations in business may fall short, but our steadfastness will carry our dreams to the end.

Business Expectations

12.15.2014 | Nii Ashalley

Entrepreneurs must fortify strategic business success through relevant business networking.

Business Networking

05.23.2022 | Nii Ashalley

It is important to have a positive corporate image. To preserve it is the key to your future business success.

Guard Your Corporate Image

02.02.2015 | Nii Ashalley

It is beneficial to celebrate success, but do not let success be your only motivator in business. Embrace failures too, because learning from them will guarantee your many successes.

Embrace Failures

07.10.2015 | Nii Ashalley

It is important to embrace a social responsibility while we gain wealth and pay it forward to society.

Pay it Forward

03.29.2015 | Nii Ashalley

Inspiration is the backbone of brilliant innovations. It is, however, up to all innovators and entrepreneurs to assume the moral responsibility to decide which path their inspired ideas and innovations will lead the world.

Purpose of Innovation

06.27.2015 | Nii Ashalley

First comes the desire to innovate, then work and the destiny of a nation depends on these.

Destiny of a Nation

04.24.2015 | Nii Ashalley

Business with integrity sticks to agreements and performs its best.

Business Integrity

05.05.2015 | Nii Ashalley

An initial business failure does not stop you from working towards your goal. You must wake up every morning to do what you know best.

Business Failures

07.05.2015 | Nii Ashalley

Irrespective of our abilities, we have to devote quality time to learning as we observe the dynamism of our business environment.

Business Environment

07.06.2015 | Nii Ashalley

All too soon, entrepreneurs forget to protect the passion for innovative ideas that gave them their first start-up.

Passion for Innovation

07.08.2015 | Nii Ashalley

When corporations respect and uphold the principles of corporate governance, they will do well.

Corporate Governance

07.09.2015 | Nii Ashalley

The diligent among us must ensure that we examine each business opportunity to either seize it for profit or embrace it as a learning or educational avenue.

Business Opportunities

06.28.2015 | Nii Ashalley

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. ~Steve Jobs

Admit Mistakes and Improve Innovations

08.16.2015 | The Editorial Staff

We can attain business liberty and success using the best industry knowledge and entrepreneurial wisdom that makes products and services acceptable to consumers.

Business Liberty and Success

10.19.2015 | Nii Ashalley

In any business governance, our ability to compromise where necessary will give us the moral authority to lead and create opportunities for business success and financial freedom. .

Business Governance

02.20.2016 | Nii Ashalley

A company’s core values will make it succeed while showing a continuous understanding that its corporate image links to future accomplishments.

Corporate Image

02.27.2016 | Nii Ashalley

It is important to educate yourself to become one of the best brains in today’s entrepreneurial industry instead of feeling inadequate for your startup.

Become the Best

03.27.2016 | Nii Ashalley

Honesty and diligence protect a leader. They inspire confidence in the leader and give him the strength and moral authority to lead.

Honesty Protects Leaders

03.28.2016 | Nii Ashalley

When you cultivate good judgement, you also set an important premise in your business that enables you to make decisions that help your vision and purpose.

Cultivate Good Judgement

03.24.2016 | Nii Ashalley

In today’s entrepreneurial industry, the gender gap in funding and renumeration deserves unequivocal balance as more woman show competence in management than some of their male counterparts.

Women Business Opportunities

04.01.2016 | Nii Ashalley

A true visionary acts with passion on daily goals that form his visions of wealth, success and glory.

True Visionary

10.23.2016 | Nii Ashalley

The idea of variable pricing brings fiscal-innovation to a good start. Businesses could explore profitability to the fullest or create favorable long-term patronage and maintain clients for future opportunities.

Flexible Pricing

11.05.2016 | Nii Ashalley

Regulations and de-regulations both have ways of holding businesses accountable and protect consumers. It is, therefore, necessary for government agencies to apply such measures well.

Regulations and De-Regulations

11.25.2016 | Nii Ashalley

Entrepreneurship is the sure way to reduce poverty. Serious economics must consider this than giving out continues aid, which in a long-term stifles innovation and creates dependency.


11.25.2016 | Nii Ashalley

Consumer pulse should alert businesses to manage their inventories well and strategize to promote their brands. 

Consumer Pulse

11.23.2016 | Nii Ashalley

A good corporate response to an audit within an organisation is to ensure that business leaders implement their findings with a non-biased attitude. This will minimise business losses in the future.

Corporate Response

11.07.2016 | Nii Ashalley

When a company slips on its market share, constant research and development can help the brand increase its market stake and regain market leadership.

Market Share

10.26.2016 | Nii Ashalley

Entrepreneurs must focus on innovation and maximise business opportunities with the required skills and best management practices.

Focus on Innovation

10.29.2016 | Nii Ashalley

It’s good for a business to expand after adequate research. It must examine the opportunities of its target market to avoid unnecessary risks.

Business Expansion

11.04.2015 | Nii Ashalley

Principles make great leadership. Embracing wisdom can also help leaders make important intuitive and knowledge-based business decisions.

Principles and Wisdom

11.09.2015 | Nii Ashalley

We must protect our consumer base and enhance our business acumen. New technologies and innovations have become centre stage in product designs and workforce management and seek to attract emerging markets.

Protect Consumer Base

10.28.2016 | Nii Ashalley

Investment counseling must not be based on conjecture, but on a proven investment blueprint. It must include clear goals and an effective investment strategy to maximize business portfolios.

Investment Counseling

03.05.2016 | Nii Ashalley

Innovators can bring their new ideas to fruition by analyzing every segment of the idea. When we understand the importance of the need, we will have the will to innovate.

New Ideas

03.12.2016 | Nii Ashalley

Appreciate the opportunity when confronted to decide on issues. Some decisions do not always work, but that is what leaders must do.

Making Decisions

11.03.2016 | Nii Ashalley

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