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Brand management: Why methods should suit the digital age

Enoch Antwi

Enoch Antwi

Digital marketing brand management is the catalyst that projects our business plans and asserts our presence even in a hostile business environment.

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Develop a brand strategy

Brand management is a collaborative marketing technique that tries to increase the value of a brand over a targeted period. Marketers develop strategic plans to create brand awareness, connect with the customers and sell them products or services.

They create positive brand associations, build loyal customers, and maintain brand value in target markets. By implementing brand innovation and effective brand management, businesses can enhance their reputation. So brand management methods must change and develop to suit emerging market trends in the digital marketing age.

Studies show changes in consumer buying behaviour

The number and kinds of consumers that engage with a brand has changed over the years. Almost six years ago, in 2009, McKinsey did a survey to understand the “Consumer Decision Journey” (CDJ).

After studying the purchase decision of around 20,000 consumers across several industry verticals, the study concluded that consumers decide more interactively. Their overall purchase decision and customer journey include a few essential stages.

Consumers consider a couple of brands, evaluate them, buy one and enjoy, advocate for the brand if satisfied and bond with the brand in the end. Therefore, to attain consumer loyalty and engagement, you will need to have excellent products and distribution networks while maintaining an extensive online presence.

Shifting to online brand management is essential

During this period of digitization, managing a brand has to grow or else brands and brand products will lose in the competition. As you work on brand innovation and management, you’ll give your businesses a competitive edge. All top brands have already recognized the importance of online presence and thus are taking immediate measures. These are some things top brands are doing in managing their brand values online.

It is important to create strategic brand management techniques to become competitive in the market.

Why some brands shifted to online brand management

  • Dominos in Australia: Dominos had a terrible time during 2008 in Australia. Customers complained about their food quality. Their revenue was declining. But the company took this seriously and undertook extensive customer research to launch a whole new set of recipes. Besides that, they also revamped their online presence. Dominos launched mobile apps and started taking 50 percent off from online orders. In addition, they also created a pizza tracker for customers. With this, customers can track pizza orders.

  • Under Armour: It’s an American sports clothing and accessories company. They bought MyFitnessPal and Endomondo’s fitness apps to get access to their vast digital community. The company established mobile network integration. They use these apps and this network to promote their brand, surge new launches and create better consumer engagement.

  • National Geographic: National Geographic has shifted from print media to digital media. After experiencing a massive downturn in business, they restructured their brand management strategies to have a vast online presence via the internet. They recruited Amy Maniatis as a CMO to oversee their social media presence. Under her guidance, National Geographic could drive Facebook fans to over 20,646,799 and Instagram followers to 4,091,738, which has widened their consumer reach and engagement. In addition, they have created excellent consumer engagement via the online distribution of photographs, videos and amazing stories.

The truth is brand value management has changed, and it is more about making a better online presence. As a marketer, you’ve to understand that the old ways of marketing and brand management are not sustainable. Instead, develop strategic techniques for managing your digital marketing brand to become competitive in your niche.


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Enoch Antwi

Enoch Antwi

Enoch Antwi is the managing editor at The Business Frontal. He worked as a business and an environmental journalist in the late 1990s with the Business and Financial Times. His passion is to provide on-demand valuable information and insights on business, entrepreneurship, leadership, innovative technologies, and principles for corporate success in today's business world.

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Improve your business with interactive brand management ideas

Showcasing Leaders, Businesses & Innovative Technologies

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