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School health education transforms business and innovations

The Editorial Staff

The Editorial Staff

School health education for young kids can lead to a healthier workforce and increase productivity for economies.

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Health innovatins

That children spend more active time in school than at home highlights the significance of schooling and children's school health. The school environment may be a more significant influence on children, either through their teachers or friends. 

Other than academic education, schools should teach children a healthy lifestyle, which will be helpful for them in the future. Physical education, healthy eating, drug avoidance, and responsible medicine use prepare youth for business.

Health is the most important thing in a child’s life, which should be given preference to other academic or non-academic studies. School health programs should form the basis for learning in school. If they haven’t maintained their health, then their studies would also be affected.

Comprehensive school health education

In today’s modern world, school health programs are transformed into a full-blown division that is often dubbed as The comprehensive School Health Education Program. The program started with physical activity promotion, drug danger education, and sex abstinence encouragement. Though all these are still taught and are in motion, dietary and eating healthy food are now given predilection over the others. In some institutes, school health is all about the diet.

Obesity chart for men and women

Obesity in schools

A survey held recently produced some shocking results. The obesity rate in school going children has increased three-fold in the past 30 years. The study also showed that bad food choices among students encourage obesity. Many schools have taken the school health program in obesity seriously and are teaching their pupils to eat healthily for the sake of their own health. “School health programs have been very effective in the past 3 years," said Merryman, who teaches at one school. "We have to wait at least 10 years to see the full effects of the school health program," he said.

Substance abuse in schools

It is appalling to see that over 10% of students are taking drugs at age 16 and more than half of those students start at age 11. The drugs range from weed, alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. Just 30 years ago, girls were 40% less likely to take these drugs than boys. But now the ratio of boys and girls taking drugs has become equal.

Preventing childhood obesity and substance abuse in schools

School Health programs have been quite productive in promoting a healthier lifestyle in pupils. The programs have taught the kids to focus on healthier nutrition, good physical activities, and avoiding drug abuse. Schools can promote healthy habits like playing outside, eating well, and focusing on important things. Schools are promoting nutritious foods at the cafeterias, where most pupils get their daily lunches.

Like obesity prevention, many research programs are available to prevent substance abuse in students. Teachers can teach students the most important step for prevention, which is changing their attitude towards drugs. Sometimes, a bit of strictness never hurts. Strict rules in schools can prevent drug abuse among students as they fear the rules and laws more than their teachers.

School health responsibility is a must for all. It dictates the future of our workforce. Maintaining a healthy way of life will create a better opportunity for our business world and inspire innovations from a strong and healthy youth.


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The Editorial Staff

The Editorial Staff

The Editorial Staff at The Business Frontal is a team of writers dedicated to bringing seasoned news stories and how-to business articles to our readers and patrons to help maximize their entrepreneurial potentials.

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